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OCNWTR began as Dr. Ryan Delamater rides his bicycle (Ride4water) from the scenic wilds of the Canadian backwoods to the tropical highlands of South America. Going through a divorce and totally depressed he sets out on this bicycle ride to heal and try to find his way. In all he rides over 10,000 miles thru 10 countries on his bicycle from Canada - Colombia. As he rides he learns that people don't have clean water in a little village in El Salvador and he starts taking surf trips there with his friends to help. From 2015-2019 over 100 people on 10 different trips forge lifelong friendships with Mapache, Tiola, Papo, Gato, Francisco & Tessi. Together they decide to install an Ocean Based Clean Water Platform that will distribute 360 Gallons of clean drinking water a day from the Ocean. This is enough water for 300 people a day in Palmarcito and the surrounding areas. This system helps start a local church with where people eat papusas, surf, skate, drink coffee , and a lifetime supply of water from the ocean.

On May 1st, 2019 Dr. Delamater and Maria Cruz began OCNWTR Church in San Clemente, California & Palmarcito, El Salvador. The focus of the church is on relationships, food, the Bible and what the Holy Spirit is doing in each person’s life while seeking to bring ocean based water solutions, providing meals, and building homes as a church planting platform.

OCNWTR installs systems that turn ocean water into drinking water for small marginalized rural communities in the 108 countries of the world that have direct ocean access. This water is distributed for free and the annual savings for the community goes towards empowering locals for their future.

We are so stoked we are able to partner with them and through your subscriptions a portion goes toward donating to this amazing non-profit. Head to if you want to learn more and sign up for their email newsletter & they will send you a free copy of their book.