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Posted by Mark Bell on September 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
Tom RoastingWho are we?  Dreamers.  Surfers.  Adventurers.  Lovers of craft coffees and beers.  Obecians.  This is our journey.
Several years ago, our group of friends took a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico to work with a friend who does a lot of humanitarian and missions work with people living in the dumps surrounding the city.  He had a model where he launched a coffee roastery and 3 coffee shops in the city that helped fund a lot of his community work.  Not only did it fund his passion of helping people in poverty, but it also gave him an opportunity to connect with, and provide jobs for, local people in the city.  Plus his cafe’s became a hub for people to connect in community.  He seemed to create so much good with something so simple.  So we came back to San Diego and began to dream about what it would look like to launch something similar to support the non-profits we are passionate about.  It was just a dream until the spring of 2014 when we started talking about it again, and began to actually put a plan into action.  We rallied some friends, bought a roaster, found coffee mentors, and connected with like minded people and organizations in the coffee industry.  This crazy dream of ours has inspired many of our friends and community here in San Diego and around the US and we can’t wait to see all of the good that will come from something so simple.


  • Hi Mark,

    I just talked to you at the Farmers Market. I have a small importing company here in OB and have some very high quality sustainably grown raw beans for sale. I have the beans here in San Diego and would love to give a sample to roast. My company ideals are very much aligned with yours and the beans are grown by small family farmers in the Peruvian high jungle. Here is the link to our website: http://www.uwtraders.com/

    Please shoot me an email or give me a call so that we can connect and I can give you a sample of the coffee.

    Talk soon,
    Courtney Walters
    Urquieta Walters Trading Company

  • Hey there! I am excited for you guys to open up. Will your coffee be organic and will you have organic milk and half and half served with it? So many places serve organic coffee with non organic milk! Also you should think about offering coffee blended with coconut oil and organic grassfed butter. Anyhow cheers!

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