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keet-pic-1I sat down recently with Mr. Keet Veylupek of Moniker Coffee, a well known barista in the community of Point Loma, to chat about what coffee he is drinking currently.  Keet is a student at Point Loma Nazarene University currently studying Graphic Design. Originally from Huntington Beach, CA he first got into coffee when he was visiting Boulder Colorado. He stumbled into a coffee shop to get a hot chocolate when he saw what looked to be a science experiment being performed by the baristas. They were using huge glass beakers and boilers to assemble their coffee creations and though Keet said he wasn’t blown away by the coffee it was enough to pique his interest. When he arrived home he did some research to find a similar coffee shop near his home called Portola Coffee where he ended up working. There he learned the complexities of recipes for coffee drinks which furthered his interest into the world of coffee and the people behind it.

Community is what Keet loves about working with coffee. He enjoys people coming into Moniker Coffee, becoming regulars and the conversations that stem from the relationships formed. Once our conversation switched from community in the café to the community who farms and processes the coffee his eyes lit with passion. Keet went into depth about how many hands are behind farming the coffee and how important those farmers are. “I can add flavor or make (coffee) a million different ways…” he said, “but I can’t add to the quality of the coffee.” He went on,  “There are so many steps in the process and within each step the coffee loses its flavor. So the question I ask myself as a barista is, how can I respect and honor the people that brought the coffee to this point without taking away from the existing flavors?” His respect for coffee farmers is unmatched and it was a pleasure to hang with my newfound friend Keet

What is Keet Drinking?

Esmeralda Geisha

  • Roaster: Josh Bonner of Foxy Coffee
  • Form: Pour Over
  • Flavor Notes: (tea like) jasmine, citrus, tropical fruits.

Keet’s Drink for you to Try!

(Keet referred to this drink as a “disarming drink”. For people who aren’t used to drinking their coffee black this is a refreshing/unintimidating drink where you can taste the flavors the coffee holds without it being overbearing.)

Coffee + Tonic

Step 1.  Pull 1 shot of espresso (at home, substitute cold brew)

Step 2.  Splash of simple syrup

Step 3.  Shake on ice

Step 4.  Pour over iced tonic water.

Step 5.  Enjoy!








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