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Seasonal Direct Trade

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This limited batch of direct trade coffee from the Motherland of Coffee, Ethiopia,  exhibits a forward Plum Rose taste followed by an Allspice flavor that finishes clean and smooth. (10 oz.)

Banko Michicha is a Mill in the Guji zone, Kercha Region, in Southern Sidamo Ethiopia. Neighboring the more famous Yirgacheffe region, this co-op buys coffee cherries from local producers and collects them at 5 different sites. The coffee is then carefully transported to the central mill just outside of Kercha town where it is dried on raised beds, then indoors over 3-4 weeks. It is then transported to Kercha town to be hulled, and eventually to Addis Ababa for final milling, cleaning, and grading.  Banko Michicha is owned by Mr. Degefa Sema who’s been working in the coffee industry for 25+ years. He buys coffee from over 800 small lot holders and offers support through an agriculture based training center at the mill just outside of Kercha.  

 This is a Beautiful Coffee with a Beautiful Story, and we are so happy to share it with you!