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Posted by Mark Bell on August 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

OBbeans started over a year ago with a dream to do as much good as possible from farm to cup while helping people experience and enjoy high quality specialty coffee… and now we will have a home!  We are so excited for our new shop and roastery opening up this fall on Newport Ave in the heart of the Ocean Beach retail district.  We will be located just a few short blocks from the beach and the iconic OB Pier, plus just down the street from Sunset Cliffs.  The first response from everyone who has peeked in to see the demo work is “This space is BIG!”   In the space we will have open access to the roaster in back so you can come watch us roast and ask questions.  We will have a full espresso & coffee bar where you can try direct trade single origin coffee, grab a latte, or cold brew on tap.  There will be a lot of comfortable places to sit for those wanting to meet up with friends, get work done, or just enjoy some down  time enjoying a great cup of coffee.  Our space will also host a Wailua Shave Ice cart and a curated coastal lifestyle retail space.  Wailua is one of the most well respected and sought out shave ice companies in Kauai, HI, and we will be their second location here on the mainland (their first is in Portland, OR).  We can’t wait to share this space and our passion with you.. stay tuned!


  • Yeah Baby!!!! WSI on da mainland. Look forward to sampling all that you guys have to offer. Keep up the good work of making the world a better place!!!

  • I was wondering if you were affiliated with the Lazy Humming Bird Coffee and tea? The logo is pretty much the same thing. A bird?

    • Hello Veronica,

      To answer your question shortly, no. We are not affiliated with the Lazy Humming Bird Coffee and Tea.

      The Extended Explaination:
      As you know, the iconic symbol of Ocean Beach is the Flying Seagull. In order to embody the spirit of OB our designer developed the idea of a sitting Seagull to promote a place of rest and a home for people at our shop. We understand both logos have a bird. One being a Humming Bird, The other a Seagull.

      We hope this helped to clarify any confusion, Veronca.

      Your Friends,
      OB Beans

      • I understand your desire to make a logo of a place of rest etc.. for the community to enjoy but it just seems a bit weird to have two coffee places that technically have the same logo. The hummingbird logo is not a bird in flight or a bird with its wings expanded being able to differentiate the two different kinds of birds. If you fill in the humming bird it looks just like the seagull, hence destroying the potential to expand the Lazy humming birds vision of the bird. I hope you understand my confusion because they are extremely similar. I am sure I am going to be the only one to be confused by the logo. Good luck, can’t wait to check it out and Welcome to the Community.

  • So great to meet you and your team today! I’m looking forward to partnering with such a locally-minded, but globally-enriched crew. The space is AH-Mazing… beautiful bar, cool vibe, gorgeous textiles… I can’t wait to see the finished project! Thanks of bringing the roasts of the world to the heart of OB.

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