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Why your Local Barista is the New Ice Cream Man.

Why your Local Barista is the New Ice Cream Man.

It's Summer time 1998, or whatever year makes you around 10 years old.  You're hanging with 5 of your closest friends... Well 2, the other 3 just live up the street and cruise down whenever they see you break out your dope new Super Soakers from Toys R Us (RIP).  It's cool though, you need them to make it 3 on 3 to have fair teams for whatever you choose to play.  You start to sneak over to the neighbor's house to use their hose to fill up the water guns when... you hear it:  "Bah dah bah dah baaah, Bah dah bah daaah. Bah dah bah daaah bah dah baaah, bah dah baaah" (hummed to the tune of: whatever the name of that song is).  It's the local celebrity on the block, The Ice Cream Man.

You run in the house to ask your parents for money.  They say, "what for?"  You say, "The Ice Cream Man!"  Without hesitation they say, "No."  So you run to the couch to scrounge up all the orphaned coins you can find that slipped out of your sister's boyfriend's baggy jeans.  $2.89... Should do the trick.

You run up the hill a couple blocks because it took a while for your friends to flag down the IC Man.  He definitely saw them but feels better about kids exercising before eating a bunch of sweets even though he himself is 80 pounds overweight.  You gaze at the side of the truck with all the photos of different treats you can buy.  Some are in the price range, some not, but they all look good!  You ponder your decision.  In all honesty, this might be the very most important choice you make today.  You finally order, "1 Choco-Taco and 1 Mexican Crayon, please."  You split it with your two best buds.  The neighbor kids have to fend for themselves.  I mean you're not the local Wells Fargo, am I right?  


As you sit down with your comrades and enjoy what's truly important, ice cream, you think to yourself, "It can't get much better than this!" But you're wrong.  It can.

You see, we're adults now (some of us).  We don't have to wait for The Ice Cream Man to cruise by with that obnoxious song in order to get a delicious dessert.  We don't have to ask our parents for money to get the goods either.  All we have to do is head down to OB Beans Coffee Roasters to bring us back!


What you need to order before the Summer is over:


1.  The Affogato


The Affogato is 1-part vanilla ice cream 10-parts loveliness.  With OB Beans signature 1502 espresso poured over top, drizzled with rich caramel and mocha sauce and just a touch of espresso grounds, this beautiful creation with be sure to sooth those summer sweet tooth cravings.  

2.  The Cold Brew Float

This is a new twist on the old favorite, the Root Beer Float. 3 scoops on vanilla ice cream with nitro cold brew fizzling over the top and just a splash of Root Beer for that old familiar kick.  You wont just order this one time.

3.  Wailua Shave Ice

shave ice

If you've never had a true Hawaiian style shave ice, you wouldn't understand.  This isn't just a snow cone with a sugary syrup.  A shave ice from Wailua is in the 5 star realm of childhood pick me ups.  With all natural syrups made from scratch and haupia foam (coconut) instead of whipped cream, Wailua Shave Ice is the Michael Scott of the shave ice industry.  You'll be afraid of how much you love it.  


So the next time you wanna relive your childhood and cant find your old Chia Pet, cruise down to OB Beans.  They Got You!


Author:  Ben Nease



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Jessica Shuey - August 15, 2019

Looking forward to the cold brew float!

jim - August 15, 2019

Shave Ice is good :-)

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