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Hello OB community!
There’s no hiding the fact that we love our coffee, but what you might not know is how much we love giving back to the community. Here at OB Beans, we partner with non-profit organizations OCNWTR, Young Life, and Buena Onda. Each month, we give a percentage of our sales to these organizations to help with their operational costs for funding of different projects, but we primarily strive to donate to a specific project or program that is struggling to execute their plan due to low funds. Some of these projects include implementing clean and safe drinking water in poor water quality communities, paying for kids to go to summer camp, and even constructing buildings for Jesus loving friends in Colonet, Mexico!


Clean drinking water may be a flick of the tap to us but in other areas around the world, it is much more complicated to access clean water. It is the number one essential to live, which is why our friend Dr. Ryan Delamater started OCNWTR. OCNWTR is a non-profit organization that helps give access to fresh clean water to small marginalized coastal communities in countries that have access to the ocean by providing small scale desalination systems. This all came about when Dr. Ryan Delameter began to peddle his bike on a 10,000-mile bike ride through the Americas. Check them out on Instagram @ocnwtr and their website 
For more information, watch the video below.



Young Life is another non-profit organization that we support here at OB Beans. We believe the youth is the future which why we strive to support them. YL is a youth ministry that goes into teen communities such as schools and other non-church settings to find kids who aren’t involved in a church or aren’t religious, introduces them to Christ, and build relationships with them, in hopes for them to become lifelong followers of Christ; become active in the life of their local church. Many of us at OB Beans have been involved with Young Life as teens and the organization have changed our lives for the better! You can find them on Instagram @younglife or on their website: 
For more information, watch the video below. 



Our friends South of the border in Colonet, Mexico are creating a facility that hopes to be able to empower families and individuals to discover their potential through God and invest into the new generation. Their goal is to help and assist single mothers that work in the community’s agricultural fields, and their kids. So far, they have created cabins for guests and are still in the process of completing their main building for offices, classrooms, gathering spaces, and much more. If you feel the need to donate or would like to check out what they are currently working on, you can find them on Instagram @buenaondabajamex or at their website 

For more information, watch the video below. 

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