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    Local Love

    Local Love

    Wow we’re nearly a month and a half into 2021!! This past year has put a lot of strain on small businesses, especially in our OB community. Many local companies have closed down temporarily or completely switched to take-out only, which has helped keep them afloat. With business restrictions being recently lifted in the county, businesses are adjusting back to dining-in (outside) and continue take-out orders. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’d love to
    recommend trying out some of our local favorite restaurants and businesses, to spread love around the OB community!

    Maek Ceramics is one of our friends on Bacon St that create aesthetically pleasing ceramics that will make your living room or kitchen look amazing. They even have the studio open for anyone to create what they want. From modern lamps to an assortment of coffee holding cups, they have it all. Swing by between 11AM-3PM Wednesday through Sunday to check out what have in store for you!

    1918 Bacon St. San Diego, CA


    Whether you want to go grab a bite of some amazing American style food or enjoy a cold local brew from the tap after a surf, our friends at OB Surf Lodge will satisfy your needs. Located on the corner of Santa Monica and Abbott, you can sit down outside and watch the sunset and surfers surfing the OB pier. Our favorite dish is their famous Lodge Burger that makes you want to come back for more. They’re open from Monday-Thursday 11AM-7PM and Friday-Sunday 9AM-8PM.

    5083 Santa Monica Ave. San Diego, CA

    Another local favorite restaurant of ours is Raglans! They are a business that sheds light on the beauty of New Zealand culture. Founded in 2012, they have been a popular spot for friends to gather, eat mouthwatering handcrafted entrees, and take in the OB life. Our house favorite must have dish is their Bare Lil Lamb classic New Zealand Lamb Burger. You can enjoy outdoor dining from Monday-Friday 11AM-9PM and Saturday-Sunday 10AM-9PM.

    1851 Bacon St. San Diego, CA

    Pizza Port is the place to go if you are wanting a delicious handcrafted pizza or share an order of buffalo wings with the ones you love. They have outdoor dining and take out as of currently and is a go-to hub for some great times. Open Sunday-Thursday 11AM-8PM and Friday-Saturday 11AM- 9PM.

    1956 Bacon St. San Diego, CA

    What?! A coffee shop supporting another coffee shop? Yes! Our friends at OB Java down the street opened up in October 2020 and have been making coffee with our house roasted beans! Swing by to pick up a cup of joe or refreshing smoothie on your way to go surf or hang out with some friends! Our friends are open Monday-Sunday 7AM-3PM.

    5047 Newport Ave. San Diego, CA

    Don’t you ever feel like grubbing on tacos after a long day’s work? We do too! La Doña is one of our favorite Mexican cantina spots around. Set just a block from the OB pier on the corner of Bacon and Niagara, they got your Mexican food craving satisfied. We love everything they offer there, especially their coconut flan for dessert! You can take out or dine outside with them Sunday-Thursday 12PM-9PM and Friday-Saturday 12PM-9:30PM.

    1852 Bacon St. San Diego, CA

    If you have not tried poke before, the best place to have your first would have to be at our friends over at It’s Raw Poke Shop off Newport Avenue. They have the freshest poke bowls around and will cause you to fall in love with poke. Our favorite they offer is their Spicy Ahi. Support this family ran small business through take out Tuesday-Sunday from 11AM-5PM.

    4991 Newport Ave. San Diego, CA

    SOI OB
    Soi OB is our go to Thai food shop around. With amazing Curry dishes to delectable salads, Soi has everything you could ever want when hankering for Thai food. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, but our favorite dish has to be the Yellow Curry. Dine outside or order for take-out everyday between 12PM-9PM.

    1916 Cable St. San Diego, CA

    If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll absolutely want to stop by Blue Water Seafood. They stand behind only serving the freshest fish, caught locally off our beautiful coast! Some popular choices we love is their Yellowtail plate and their Ahi Sashimi appetizer. As of right now, they are doing take-out and dining outside on their patio Monday-Sunday from 11:30AM- 8PM.

    5083 Santa Monica Ave. San Diego, CA

    Let us all spread love this time of the year and support local businesses. Local Love!


    The OB Beans Team

    OB Beans Update!

    OB Beans Update!

    Whewww...to say that 2020 was eventful would be an understatement.  Lots of great things have happened in the life of our small business this year and I wanted to take a moment to reflect and highlight some of them! 

    One of our passions as a company is to personally get to know the farmers who grow our coffees.  We have been slowly working on traveling to different origins around the world and have 4 locations we have been to in the past 5 years (Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala). This past January we added a whole new continent and headed to Africa. Some of the best coffees in the world come from East Africa, and we were excited to explore and discover incredible coffees and get to know the people who grow them. We found some amazing coffees that we will be offering in the shop and online soon that we are stoked to share with you. 

    Another big milestone for our company was adding our second location. Little did we know that we would be opening our doors and a month later be dealing with the largest international pandemic the world has ever known. Even in the face of that we’ve managed to keep the doors open and the business running. Our newest location is in San Clemente, which is another tight knit beach community without a local roaster in the area. We installed a smaller version of the same Mill City roaster we have in Ocean Beach, and began roasting without too many bumps along the way (unlike the hassle of the Ocean Beach roaster). When we started OB Beans, our vision was fairly straightforward. We weren’t really considering starting other shops so we didn’t fully think through our branding. It was local centric and not really transferrable to other beach communities, so when starting this new shop we had to decide on a name that had the potential to extend our reach beyond OB.  After A LOT of discussion back and forth we landed on the name SUR which is Spanish for “South” and tips its hat to our roots of working with Latin American coffee farmers, along with our geography with being in Southern California.  We are beyond stoked to join the coffee community in San Clemente and Southern Orange County!

    We also finally upgraded all of our cafe equipment, most specifically our new crown jewel in the shop, our custom Sanremo espresso machine. Sanremo makes some of the best espresso machines in the world, they are based out of Italy, and are used in world coffee and barista championships.  This machine pulls consistent perfect shots, which increases our quality and honors our hard working farmers by delivering incredible coffee every shot.  We also upgraded to a 3 group espresso head to help us serve our customers more efficiently (hello quad shot people!)  When we started the shop we had to use almost all used equipment, so it was a big deal to finally upgrade this last piece of used equipment. 

    Over the years we have tried a few new things in the food department. We always knew we wanted to move into offering more food items besides pastries, but we wanted to focus on roasting and brewing the best coffee in San Diego. Over the past few months our cafe manager, Keally, has carefully crafted a few items that we are stoked to offer to the Ocean Beach community.  Acai has been a staple here in OB and we wanted to offer that as a healthy breakfast item to complement our delicious coffee. Waffles we felt were versatile enough to add different fun toppings to and can be a solid brunch type item. Both are hand made to order in our kitchen fresh daily from 8am-2pm. So make sure you grab some food with your coffee next time you are in! 

    As we monitor the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic we will hopefully be able to safely re-open more and more of our indoor seating and patio which means that hopefully soon we will finally be able to launch our newest collab with our friends and local ceramic shop Maek. This collab is our newest installment of "for here" ceramic cups and mugs and will feature new colors, shapes, and sizes. Be on the lookout for these to launch in the near future!

    This upcoming year we have some really exciting things in store.  We will be headed to a whole new continent to explore and find some amazing coffee for you, and we will be launching some fun new things.  Thanks for being a part of the journey with us and for believing in and supporting us along the way.  We couldn’t do this without our incredible staff members, our customers, and our community. 

    Cheers to ending 2020, and on to 2021!!! 🎉

    With love,

    The Beans Boys

    DIY: Coffee & Coconut Scrub

    DIY: Coffee & Coconut Scrub

    Never know what to do with those used grinds after makin’ your morning coffee? Well, this is it. Gift your morning routine some self care with a coffee & coconut scrub that will leave your skin feeling 
    moisturized and refreshed. Mixed with cinnamon, it’s packed with antioxidants and natural antibacterial properties which helps to protect your skin against those long-term skin blemishes and relieves acne. Coffee is also a perfect exfoliating agent and can boost your skin’s collagen levels. Honestly, who knew. But now that we do, we are stoked & have made this little recipe our go-to and is a great way to upcycle those grinds. Follow the steps below & let us know what ya think! 

    • 5 Tbsp: Organic Coconut Oil 
    • 1 Cup: Used Coffee Grinds
    • 2 Tsp: Organic Sea Salt 
    • 1 Tsp: Cinnamon
    Step 1:
    • Grab the goods:
      • After your morning coffee, collect one cup of your coffee grounds (so your coffee grounds are still a bit moist).
      • Grind 2 teaspoons of Organic Sea Salt.
      • Collect 5 tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil that is room temperature. 
      • Bring out that cinnamon, you’ll need just 1 teaspoon. 

    Step 2:

    • Shake it up:
      • Mix all ingredients in a medium sized bowl. 

    Step 3:

    • Cool it down, hot stuff:
      • Let your scrub sit in the fridge for about 2 hours. 

    Step 4:

    • Scrub-a dub-dub:
      • Apply the scrub to arms + legs (avoid face) to damp skin, exfoliate, rinse and repeat. 

    Enjoy and tag us @ob.beans to show us when you make the scrub! 

    Coming Soon: From Nejah's Farm in Ethiopia to Your Cup in Ocean Beach!

    Coming Soon: From Nejah's Farm in Ethiopia to Your Cup in Ocean Beach!

    Ethiopia is a “Mecca” of sorts in specialty coffee.  It is widely considered the origin of coffee and is home to many of the world’s highest scored coffees year after year.  Ethiopia has been a dream destination since we began this journey as a coffee company years ago. This year we finally had the opportunity to go. We linked up with the Crop to Cup team in Southern Ethiopia to pay a visit to places like Girgacheffe and Sodoma that have gained international notoriety for their top quality coffees. Crop to Cup has exported coffee out of Ethiopia for years, and the knowledge of the country director Moata was priceless. We spent many hours driving down never ending dirt roads listening and learning from Moata. 

    Each day was long and full. We visited many different mills and farms. Some wtih great reputations, while others are new and will export their coffee for the very first time this season.  Some had multiple international investors, while others were family owned and passed down for generations. There was one mill in particular that stuck out and made a special impact on us. This mill was owned by a young entrepreneur full of passion and vision for the future of coffee.

    This young entrepreneur is Nejah Fadil. We had gotten to know Nejah over the course of the trip as he drove us to the various farms and mills, but it wasn’t until our last day that we realized he owned a mill himself. In his early years, Nejah played professional soccer in the nearby city of Dila. He retired from the game at a young age in order to help run his family's grain mill. Some of their investors also invested in coffee washing mills. Nejah was intrigued and eventually bought his own land in the mountains above Dila to start his own mill. Even though he didn’t know much about coffee yet, he purchased a beautiful lot high in the mountains overlooking a vast valley with a stream running right through it. Nejah made it priority to get to know the local community and gain their respect. When he received the permit necessary to process coffee, Nejah offered local farmers premium prices immediately in hopes of gaining their business despite being new to the industry. Nejah (in the middle)

    (Nejah Fadil, in the middle, showing us his coffee farm)

    Since starting a few years ago, Nejah’s farm has grown considerably and he now collects coffee cherries from over 100 nearby farms. He has strategically built his facilities to continue growing with the dream of providing more jobs and opportunity for the families and farmers in the surrounding area. Nejah takes great pride in his team and took the time to introduce us to each of his team members and share their specific role. Their joy in working with Nejah was evident to us.


    (Nejah's team at his coffee farm with Ryan, Mark and myself)

    After cupping over 50 different Ethiopian coffees, it was Nejah’s that won our favor.  Despite being young and new to the industry, his coffee is a true product of genuine passion and meticulous care. We knew we’d be able to find great coffee in Ethiopia, but we are particularly excited to share this coffee with you and support another young entrepreneur, who just like us truly cares for his team and has big dreams for their future. Look out for Nejah’s coffee in the upcoming months!

    -Taylor Langstaff (International Relations Manager)

    Our Partners

    Our Partners

    At OB Beans we believe in doing good. It is ingrained in our business model, in fact our tagline is doing good farm to cup. We source our coffee directly from our farmers and growers. Roasting in house. 

    We want to be a part of the change to help make the world a better place. Our coffee helps others some of partners provide water to remote villages who don’t have access to clean water to orphanage and programs in Punta Colonet, Mexico. 

    Help out by donating today to our specific causes. Or just do the easiest thing in the world. Drink our coffee. You can drink our coffee knowing that it is helping others 

    Currently we have our tree ornament program, you take an ornament and you buy a gift under $10, you wrap it and place it beneath our tree. For more info go to ilovebig.org or you can email chad@ithinkbig.org