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Guatemala 2019

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By Taylor Langstaff A few years ago, we blindly made our first visit to Guatemala.  At the time we were working towards opening our shop in Ocean Beach.  Our lives consisted of digging ditches, demolition, building and very little coffee.  We didn’t know much about coffee. We were clueless really, but we were eager to

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Wayfarer Weekends

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We are excited to parter with Wayfarer Bread for Wayfarer Weekends at the shop with a full spread of sweet and savory croissants and baked goods, a perfect pairing with our fresh roasted coffee and espresso drinks. Wayfarer Bread is a small neighborhood bakery in San Diego focused on selling naturally fermented breads hot and

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El Salvador Processing

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Processing of our El Salvador coffee starts w the ripest cherries hand picked from the beautiful shade grown finca of our friend Mauricio in the mountains of Ataco. They are then de-pulped, milled, and barrel processed before being spread out on African beds in the warm El Salvador sun to dry. This process helps to

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Giving Tree

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This year we put up a “Giving Tree” at the shop and invited our community to join us in providing toys for 150 kids in the small rural town of Colonet, Mexico.  We honestly didn’t know what to expect but were blown away by the generosity and kindness of our little beach town in San

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Brick & Mortar

Posted by Mark Bell on August 17, 2016 in Uncategorized 11 Comments

OBbeans started over a year ago with a dream to do as much good as possible from farm to cup while helping people experience and enjoy high quality specialty coffee… and now we will have a home!  We are so excited for our new shop and roastery opening up this fall on Newport Ave in the heart

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Young Life – Youth Mentoring

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One of the non-profits that we support is Young Life, which is an international youth mentoring organization that walks with students through some of the most challenging and formative times of their lives. Locally, YoungLife is making a big impact! From clubs for teen moms, and special needs kids, to a club at a local

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iThinkBig – School Assemblies

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One of the 501(c)3 non-profits that we support is iThinkBig. Their mission is to “inspire the young” to dream and think bigger for their lives. The iThinkBig team travels across the US and internationally speaking to almost a quarter of a million students annually.  

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